Attract investors and grow your business

October 17, 2014

In business, money fuels growth. If you have business idea you think could work, you need money to launch it. If your business is at a stage that you need to raise capital in order to grow, you need investors.

To help businesses who are or may be seeking investment, the Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council (KRIC) and New Ventures BC are pleased to bring experienced investor Mike Volker to the East Kootenays, to offer two half-day seminars: Attract Investors to Grow Your Business.

These Discovery Foundation seminars, also supported by the Elk Valley Economic Initiative, will cover what you need to build a compelling business case and attract investment.

“Meeting potential investors is easier than impressing them,” said Mike Volker, angel investment expert. Volker will give these two half-day seminars in Sparwood on November 5 and in Cranbrook on November 6.

Volker is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor in the tech start-up field and will share his practical experiences and tips throughout the seminars. He recently authored the e-book Making the Business Case.

“I’ll be teaching people how to develop a solid ‘business case,’” Volker said. “The business case is the foundation for any business pitch. It’s what potential investors look for.”

Potential investors—like the elusive ‘angel investor,’ who buys into a business with no other strings attached than to get a return on investment—are a selective bunch.

“I hear hundreds of pitches every year from budding entrepreneurs,” Volker said. “Their main challenge is making the business case.”

Volker said the main reason for making a business case is to convince yourself and others that it makes sense to pursue a specific business opportunity.

“If you’ve ever watched TV programs like Dragons Den, you’ll see what I mean. So many wannabe entrepreneurs have no idea – or often a very naive idea – as to how to build their business and make a profit.”

Topics covered will include:

Angel Investing 101;
Elements of a compelling business case, and the tough questions you need to ask yourself;
Review of elevator pitches, investor pitches, and cap tables;
Practical tips and personal stories from an active angel investor and high-technology entrepreneur.

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