Fall in Kimberley unique

October 22, 2014

Fall is a beautiful time of year. In Kimberley we celebrate Fall by observing the seasonal change of Larch trees - the only type of tree that is both coniferous and deciduous – as their needles change from lush green to gold before they fall to the ground.

The seasonal Larch celebration has become another unique attraction and can be appreciated by images shared at the Kimberley Larch Fest website. It also makes us grateful to Teck for their work reclaiming mine lands. The photo above is looking North towards Sullivan Hill from the Kimberley neighborhood of Townsite.

Sullivan Hill was home to the extensive underground mining that fueled the growth of Kimberley and Teck Cominco.

Where these rolling hills were once a network of roads and exposed earth supplying mine operations, today they form a productive environment and a pleasing view. In addition to community appreciation, Teck has garnered recognition and awards for their reclaimation work. 

Further South, Teck is helping Kimberley to re-purpose another site of mine operations. The City of Kimberley, along with partners Teck Resources Ltd and EcoSmart are building the largest solar facility in Western Canada on the former mine concentrator site within City limits, which is now fully reclaimed.

SunMine will feature over 4,000 solar PV modules arranged in ninety six 38 foot X 20 foot table tops, and mounted on specialized masts that rotate to track the sun. The picture below illustrates the installation of the photovoltaic panels. With 90 of 96 table-top trackers installed construction continues to beat the first of Winter snow, which could be any day now. 

To find our why Kimberley is a good place to be bright, visit www.sunmine.ca